Rates Relief

Navigating your way through the complex web of available business rates reliefs can be extremely confusing.  Many reliefs change each year and some are mandatory whereas others are discretionary.  Entitlement to relief can depend on strict qualifying criteria as well as European law and the particular circumstances relating to your property.

Each year many companies fail to claim the business rates relief that they are entitled to because of a lack of expertise and experience in how to maximise available rates relief.  Sometimes business rates assessments need to be reconfigured to access certain reliefs. Leases and licences may also need to be amended to ensure rates relief savings continue into the future.

As business rates experts, we are fully conversant with all business rates reliefs and can devise a strategy to ensure that you benefit fully from all available reliefs thereby keeping your business rates bills to a minimum.

Examples of some business rates relief include:

  • Small business rates relief
  • Retail relief
  • Empty rate relief
  • Empty rates exemption
  • Agricultural exemption
  • Charitable relief
  • Discretionary relief
  • Hardship relief
  • Temporary vacancy relief
  • Flood relief

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