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Paying business rates on multiple properties can be extremely painful.  Just 50 properties can generate over 500 rates bills and 500 payments a year.  If you then include vacations, disposals, acquisitions and some Rateable Value reductions then it will not be long before you are swamped by unintelligible rates bills from the Council.  In these situations companies can soon find that they are incurring late payment costs, paying incorrect bills or not receiving refunds as soon as they are due.

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At RatesRecovery we provide a solution for portfolios in excess of 50 properties.  Our Rates Payment service means that you receive only one consolidated business rates bill each month covering all your properties.  All rates bills come directly to us so you don’t have to process any paperwork and all bills are instantly checked for inaccuracies.  If the bill is wrong we ensure the Council corrects it without delay as well as making sure you receive your refunds as fast as possible.

Our service provides a comprehensive audit trail and allows detailed financial forecasting and reporting.  We believe it is the best rates payment management service available and is excellent value for money.

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