Rates Audit

Our forensic Business Rates Audit service enables us to recover business rates refunds going back many years and over multiple Revaluations.  It even covers properties that you no longer occupy.

Historic errors can occur on business rates accounts for a variety of reasons and often go undetected by the business paying the rates.  Examples of some common errors include:

  • Incorrect application of transitional relief
  • Unclaimed credit balances
  • Failure to issue transitional certificates
  • Failure to apply material change in circumstance allowances
  • Failure to apply charitable relief
  • Failure to process Rateable Value reductions
  • Unenforceable backdated rates bills

We have recovered many thousands of pounds on behalf of our clients through our forensic approach to auditing past business rates bills.

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We have an amazing team ready to help you in the following areas:

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