Empty Property Rates

Vacant commercial property needn’t be a financial burden.  Most ratepayers pay far more in empty property rates than they have to.  RatesRecovery can provide a range of solutions to suit your requirements.  Our empty rates reduction solutions are Council approved and can usually generate savings in your rates liability of between 50% and 100%.

Typical saving on 50% -

There are usually several ways to reduce your empty property rates bill. We will analyse your specific circumstances to identify the route that will yield the biggest savings.  This is a complex area of law and RatesRecovery have the expertise and experience to help you pay less in empty business rates.

Our empty property rates solutions cover all property types and range from a single property to large portfolios throughout the UK.

Examples of some of the routes available to reduce your empty business rates bill include:

  • Intermittent occupations
  • Splitting and merging Rateable Values
  • Occupation prohibited by law such as existence of asbestos
  • Proving buildings are uneconomic to repair
  • Proving buildings are incapable of beneficial occupation
  • Challenging invalid completion notices
  • Delaying the assessment of new buildings

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