Are you receiving unsolicited sales calls?

We hate receiving sales calls. That’s why at RatesRecovery we never make unsolicited sales calls.  We don’t have a team of telesales people constantly harassing you telling you your business rates are too high.  In fact we don’t employ any sales people.  Not only is it irritating to be plagued by sales calls but we believe an unqualified sales person is not the right individual to provide you with expert advice.  Most sales people are motivated only by the commission they receive for getting you to sign up regardless of whether you should be challenging your business rates.  This is why you may have read a number of articles in the national press about agents that have increased their clients’ business rates bill!

At RatesRecovery we believe you should only ever take advice from a qualified, expert Chartered Surveyor specialising in business rates, not a sales person.  Send us a copy of your business rates bill and we will review whether you have the opportunity to save money.  If you do, we will tell you so for free and without obligation.

Remember if you receive an unsolicited sales call about your business rates, put the phone down and call trusted professionals RatesRecovery on 0800 955 1234.